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Easier #AfriTravel as Botswana teams up with Zimbabwe and Zambia in Kaza uni-visa

    In this way, the news that Botswana is thinking about being incorporated into the Kaza uni-visa is incredible news. The travel industry update reports Botswana and Zimbabwe had discourses around...

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SA is still the most attractive financial market for international investors in Africa, according to the Absa Africa financial markets index. The country remained in the top position for the second ye...

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Listeria outbreak: SA neighbours ban meat exports

Four countries in southern Africa on Monday took steps against South African chilled meat imports made at a factory found to be the origin of the world’s worst-ever listeria outbreak. Mozambique and...

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China seeks more African oil downstream operations

Chinese government officials have hinted that oil companies from the Asian country could purchase more African oil downstream operations, this follows China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation’s (Sino...

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